Sunday February 28, 2021

Good afternoon friends! Very clear today, nothing to be seen above but a bleaching wash of light and deep, deep blue distance. Icy dry coldness to start, but any frost was burned off early – by the time I got out the sun’s heat was palpable, if still just faintly, across my shoulders. Strident birdsong from unseen shady depths of ivy. Shaggy-headed dandelions and dense clusters of barberry flowers appearing in hedgerows like little votive sunburst icons hurrying the spring.

I did manage to draw a little yesterday but I’m still tiring quickly, caused I think – beyond the usual – by a combination of detraining from art-making habits and the burden of household tasks. The only antidote I think may be a slow one, to make it a priority to do more whenever I can.

May we find the courage to be open and honest with ourselves and each other today!

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