Monday March 1, 2021

Goodnight friends! An unwanted change back to a late night entry – I like taking care of my everyday activities as early as I can, to give more breathing room for rest and creativity in the evening – but an unlucky confluence of returning damp weather with Monday exercise left me feeling a little sluggish and concussed, if still somewhat accomplished, for most of today.

Woke anticipating another beautiful azure start, but instead found an eerie crepuscular fog, the air feeling thick, cold and clinging even indoors, trees faint smeared charcoal sketches. Mostly it dissipated over early afternoon but even after dark, when I’d gathered the energy for a short walk, the sky was still a hazy, misty grey-green, diffusing street lights into a dimly luminous dome.

May we find and nurture communities of solidarity and encouragement today!

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