Saturday February 27, 2021

Good afternoon friends! Though only a few trees are yet unfurling the delicate coils of their first leaves there’s already a thickening feeling of green all around, from the low-lying plants bejewelling winter’s churned up mud to the bottle-green glow of morning light filtering through ivy leaves. Great tits and robins are starting to stake claims, chasing each other with brash abandon through mazes of bramble and twigs. Reedmace heads have exploded into seed, flaring like torches when sunlight is caught in their plumes of slowly-scattering white fluff.

Very cold at first today, awoken by a stiff grinding pain in my joints – but the brightness of the morning my very slowly improving sleep schedule helped rally me, so I was awake (broadly speaking) and outside before midday for the first time in a while. Vaguely positive about being able to do something creative later on.

May we seek with determined optimism for ways, great or small, to enrich our lives and the lives of others today!

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