Wednesday June 22, 2022

Goodnight friends! Sky fleetingly bright, full of slowly gathering white popcorn clouds. The air has the flat dry gritty taste of sun-baked rock, closer and thicker by degrees through the day. White ricegrain flowers of tiny vetch around meadow edges, tightly rolled flowerlets of pink clover become more distinct as the heads sag open. Giant hogweeds loom absurdly, three metre parodies of the surrounding white umbrel-topped waves of their cousin, common hogweed.

slept very little last night, some lingering aches and my brain still humming somewhat in an exhausted body kept me awake. a mildly concussed day, under grogginess and still, sticky head, but I found I could draw in bed for an hour or so, chat a bit, take a brief walk, so I felt fairly fulfilled for how worn out I’ve been.

May we find, and build, a sense of community and mutual support with our peers today!