Sunday June 26, 2022

Good evening friends! Deep as ever in the wilds of brief and disturbed sleep, my ususally diary writing slot creeping further and further towards dawn of the next day. It could be worse, because often my surge of late night energy after fatigued days leads to drawing or writing, but its locking me in a too-familiar spiral. So another attempt to get this done earlier, and give myself easier and more flexible options to sleep earlier in turn.

Clearer and brighter today, the warmth dry and golden. Wind still high through heavy-headed grass, willow leaves like silver pennants and the thin lax petals of the first orange poppies blown all askew or inside out. Clouds in thick, ragged silver-edged clumps.

May we keep our hearts and minds open to change today, for ourselves and each other, and not ruminate on judgements!