Wednesday October 13, 2021

Goodnight friends! Overcast still, a heavy, half-warm hourless dimness that only changed by taking on a clotted, purplish tone as evening set in. Uncertain glimpses of a vagrant half-full moon behind mounded clouds. Again I couldn’t move well until late afternoon, so walked a little in mesmerising, whispering darkness, scent of mud and mouldering earth swirling into the savoury heat of dozens of meals being cooked, a soft clinking hint of chatter along with furtive rustling among towering black ramparts of bramble.

Mood evening out and improving a little day by day, especially helped a bit I think by having been half-forced by my body, half-accepting for myself that I need a lot of rest and time in bed for now to recover from the slowly-cresting fatigue and bodily stress of changing weather.

May we accept and allow ourselves to fully experience the emotions that pass through us without judgement today!