Wednesday January 5, 2022

Goodnight friends! There’s a thrill in some days that seem so recognisable, so much a novel performance of a familiar role, that they feel like visits from a well-loved family friend. The fine, glass-sharp bright winter day is one of my favourites, and we had a wonderful specimen – sprinklings of powdery ice crystals on the leaves, a hard papercut wind scraping across my cheeks. Sun washing a quarter of the sky to white gold. A startling joy watching gulls roll and yaw in great banking trapeze arcs with the slightest twitch of a wingtip, so immediate and clear that I wondered if I hadn’t felt another creature’s feeling for an instant.

Cold robbed me of some breath and stamina today, and a few brief episodes of pain-induced absence. I took things slow, not diving into a long session of drawing or trying to do any particular activities, trying to plan for an earlier night instead to give myself a more daylight and less chaotic schedule.

May we find space and time for calm and compassionate reflection today!