Wednesday February 24, 2021

Good evening friends! Another day of wild and blustering gusts, heavy as a shove against my back, occasional sinewy whines from bowed and bending trees merging with the fresh swarming notes of birdsong. Windblown tits springing from twig to twig with elastic energy, male mallards in fresh emerald hoods beginning to shadow females more closely and badger each other with a constant low harsh grumble. Tiny pink buds of butterbur emerge from their tubery underground roots, in a few months their leaves will span wider than my chest.

More lively thanks to slightly drier, fresher air and a rest day, plus a little creative excitement. I got a new printer for the first time since university, which I’m hoping (perhaps idly) to use to prototype zines and other paper objects. It was also just fun to set it up, seeing how far printers have come since I last had one.

May we find genuine kindness and easy camraderie today!

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