Tuesday January 4, 2022

Goodnight friends! A more expansive and paler sky today, clouds thin and flat far off on the lip of the horizon. The native, sharply honed cutting edge of cold has returned to winter, a drop of 10 or more degrees back to the cusp of freezing. Herons hunch their grey-caped shoulders and pull cable necks into their bosoms. Water slow to drain from the glutting rain, sluicegates still burble and roar, the tussocky earth still sinks and slurps and churns with a rough mineral scent, giving up damp like a sponge.

Post-exercise rest day, more time cocooned in bed, for even better reason too as the chill seeps in wherever it can. Drawing away for a few hours on my tablet, forming repetitious loops of foliage into tiling patterns, a soothing recent fascination.

May we find and share kindness and companionship today!