Thursday October 14, 2021

Goodnight friends! Sparse overnight rain released some of the brooding tension in the air, and left scattered lingering beads of dew. The sky still dense with tightly packed ranks of slowly sliding cumulus, but less forbiddingly dark. There’s a faintly unreal smoky, bleary quality to the light still, an effect deepened by suggestions of burning on the wind from smouldering leaf piles, along with the similar sour acridity of collapsing reeds and balsams.

A gentle upward slope continues for me, having been much more sedentary a.d restful these last few gloomy days. I felt ready to keep to a scheduled exercise session today, and managed to more-or-less get through my full program, as well as taking a walk later. Both helped clear my head, and reaffirm the fragile but slowly strengthening connection I feel to my body, which becomes less stable when I find myself drifting and derealising from pain.

May we find patience and loving acceptance for our stumbles, failures and errors today!