Thursday June 30, 2022

Good evening friends! Pale grey and fine silent rain as I write, but a much clearer prettier day through mid afternoon, my joints felt freer and less painful. Cumulus-tops were scattered and crisply ice white, gulls shone like polished steel. The pure spun sugar fragrance of meadowsweet on the air, tall fountaining stems of rice cutgrass among the reed mace.

My girlfriend came over – wonderful as always like a beam of sunshine, and a real relief to have someone around since I still felt a few aftershocks of bloodless fatigue after my spell of exhaustion yesterday afternoon. She also goes to bed and gets up at far more civilised hours than me, so she at least temporarily helped me reset my sleep schedule.

May we find reassurance and affirmation in reconnecting with our inner principles and sense of justice today, and sharing them with likeminded people!