Thursday June 13, 2024

Goodnight friends! Much wetter, with several long passages of thin drizzle from a sky of layered off-white clouds like torn edges of cheap paper. A few degrees colder too which made the damp more easily bearable sweat not rising nor clinging to the skin so easily. Bedraggled honeysuckles coming into bloom, a faint and off-key fanfare from pale yellow trumpet flowers browbeaten by rain.

Careful, slow going today, needing a bit of recuperation still as I re-balance exertion and recovery time. Enough mental energy for quite a bit of drawing nested on the sofa or in bed, which felt very nourishing and rewarding.

May we find moments of pleasure and guiltless indulgence in our lives today!

Image ID: Photo of a wild geranium flower among verdant green wild grasses, bright pink softly scalloped petals webbed over by veins of deep inky purple and speckled with gleaming raindrops.