Monday February 22, 2021

Goodnight friends! Woke to a sharp green edge of shadow creasing the grass, fresh shoots filled by a golden stained-glass glow as morning light swept over them. Scattered white clouds in a deep vault of blue, edged with fire by the resplendent sun swallowing up a quarter of the sky. Wind insistent but soft, faintly sweet-scented.

Energised by this sudden wash of properly spring-like weather, a sense of freedom in my movements and haze thinning in my thinking – the added cold weather weight to my symptoms that I feel every year but can never quite quantify until it starts to fall away. I went at my exercise pretty hard this morning, so one point of awareness for the immediate future is to not mistake milder symptoms for no symptoms and let my giddiness work me harder than I can sustain.

May we find joy and wonder in the world aground us today!

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