Friday January 7, 2022

Goodnight friends! A similarly dull, grimy overcast day to yesterday, with more scattered, half-seen rainfall. Even colder too, dipping below 0°c several times. My breath coiled in silvery luxuriance and in the indigo light of evening the reflections on the pond showed the telltale satiny splintering of water in mid-freeze. Clouds began to clear, windsheared, as the sun went down and a perfect dazzling fingernail cresent of a moon as well as a few lone stars glittered in untold blue depths.

Stamina heavily sapped by deep aches and half-conscious weariness again, reeling a little from the extra pangs that even a little exercise yesterday added to the toll. More absences and drifting forgetfulness. A lot of rest needed and taken.

May we find a sense of calm, expansive perspective today!