Dog WalkersJAllanDale-DogWalker7

This series of eight images was published, spread throughout the text, in the journal Short Fiction 7 ‘Fact/Fiction’.






[Muffled Demonic Influence in the Distance] 

Demon 1

An ongoing series of images for a self-publishing project, furthering an interest is surreal and monstrous imagery brought up by the Dog Walkers series.







JAllanDale_ILLUS320_01bThink Something New

A set of images forming an integrated programme of publicity, interventions and workshops for Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery.







The Blazing World


A series of images intended to act as full bleed interior illustrations for a new edition of Margaret Cavendish’s 17th century philosophical tract-cum-fantasy ‘The Blazing World.’ These images were awarded first prize for interior and cover illustration by the International Margaret Cavendish Society.